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Museum Mile

Duration: 5 hours plus 30 minutes for lunch
Price for up to five people: $450

Guggenheim Museum, New York. Pablo Picasso. Woman with Yellow Hair.

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There is a stretch of Fifth Avenue along Central Park so packed with museums that it has earned itself a unique designation: Museum Mile. With nearly a dozen institutions in just a few city blocks, it is one of the densest accumulations of culture in the world. On our private tour of Museum Mile, we tackle this art hub with a full-day tour of its four best collections.

The Frick Collection
The former home of turn-of-the-century industrialist and art collector Henry Clay Frick, the museum that bears his name remains one of the finest assemblages of Old Masters paintings in the world. Moreover, it serves as a kind of time capsule of New York’s “Gilded Age,” that period following the Civil War when industrialization and massive economic growth created magnates like Andrew Carnegie, J. Pierpont Morgan, and Frick himself, whose money and taste would draw the masterpieces of Europe to America. We will examine how and why New York rose to be the world’s capital of culture, while admiring great paintings by Rembrandt, Fragonard, Vermeer and JMW Turner.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The largest and most encyclopedic museum in not only New York City but the entire Western Hemisphere, the Met is a must-see attraction for any art-lover in New York. Our visit to the Metropolitan Museum will include most of the objects covered in the Pieces of the Metropolitan Highlights Tour.

The Neue Galerie
One of the newest additions to the Mile, the Neue Galerie (New Gallery in German) is dedicated to early 20th century German and Austrian painting and decorative arts. It offers a unique look into the Central European art world at a time when the psychoanalytical theories of Sigmund Freud were challenging traditional notions of the self and inspiring new modes of artistic representation, as expressed in the chilling portraits of Egon Schiele  The centerpiece of the collection, Gustav Klimt’s glowing Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, was the center of a high-profile Holocaust repatriation case and briefly held the title of most expensive painting ever sold. This tour will cover the rise of Expressionism as well as the plight of Jewish and “degenerate” artists under the Nazis and the issues museums still face over Holocaust-era art.

The Guggenheim Museum
A stunning New York landmark as well as fantastic repository of twentieth-century art, the Guggenheim host innovative displays in its unique spiral gallery space. In addition to an in-depth discussion of the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright building, we will visit the museum’s current exhibition and admire the Picasso’s and Kandinsky’s on permanent display.


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